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HCbatchGUI started off as just a unofficial batch gui for HCenc by Hank315. It soon grew into a suite for HCenc, batchDGpulldown, wavi, ssrc, and Aften. I made it so that you could set up batch video encodes overnight and they would be ready in the morning. Then I thought 'Why not add dgpulldown and AC3 encoding with aften as well?' That way when you wake up all you have to do is author the DVD with your favorite dvd authoring app. Features include avi (avs) to mpeg, pal to ntsc framerate conversion with dgpulldown, and ac3 encoding including an Upmix function from 2 channel to 5.1AC3.

The audio and video processors used by HCbatchGUI have batch support usable by the command line.  Some people are not comfortable using command line programs.  Some people just like the convienience of a GUI (graphical user interface).  It was for those reasons that I created HCbatchGUI.  Now you do not need to know how to run HCenc, Aften, or DGpulldown from the command line.  You can batch process your video and audio with ease.  HCbatchGUI creates and executes a bat file that runs HCenc and the other programs for you.

Features offered by HCbatchGUI
    *Batch Creation of custom avisynth scripts - Takes the hard work out of creating avisynth scripts!
    *Create custom INI templates for use in batch video encoding with HCenc
    *Batch Video conversion to elementary mpeg video using HCenc

    *Batch Audio conversion to elementary AC3 audio using Aften and FFmpeg - users choice
    *Add DGpulldown to all created mpeg files
    *Use MediaInfo to check the properties of your files

HCbatchGUI is coded in C++ and is available for windows and Linux GTK.  To use HCbatchGUI in linux you will need wine to run HCenc and DGpulldown.

Download HCbatchGUI from SourceForge
    HCbatchGUI 14.9 Setup installer
    HCbatchGUI 14.9 Source
    HCbatchGUI 14.9 No Installer
    HCbatchGUI 14.6 GTK Linux
    HCbatchGUI 14.6 GTK Linux Source

Change log for latest version   
*Changes made to windows version 14.9
    * Added a Simple User Interface (set as default)
    * Added Advanced User Interface
    * Added new file menu
    * Added Crop function avisynth in Advanced User Interface
    * Added updated HCenc 024 beta dated 10-20-2009
    * Added different mux settings for mplex

    *Changes made to linux gtk version 14.6
    *No new linux version. 

User Guide
    HCbatchGUI Online User Guide
    HCbatchGUI Linux Setup

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